We give you all the attention!

Physiotherapy, manual therapy and
physical rehabilitation 

René Bekker, practice for physiotherapy and manual therapy, is a small-scale practice in the centre of Amsterdam (Centrum-Jordaan). We offer professional care and close personal attention in a pleasant atmosphere.

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Made-to-measure treatment

Our physiotherapists take the time for their appointment with you. During that time, we work closely together. We take a thorough  look at your ailments, and together agree on a plan for your treatment, with clear and realistic goals. We take pleasure in supporting you, with the aim to get you functioning better and moving more smoothly soon.






Understanding your complaints

We always explain clearly what is wrong. It is important that you fully understand what is the matter with you and what you can do to prevent new complaints from arising. We have a well-equipped training area where you can work under our supervision or independently.